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Buying or selling any type of franchise or business can be an exciting prospect. Acquiring or selling an auto dealership comes with nuanced laws outside the ordinary course of business. I am Walter P. Czarnecki, Jr., and I can provide the experienced perspective and legal services to facilitate your transactions for auto dealerships and other types of businesses.

Multidimensional Legal Advocacy For Your Dealership

Most people in Michigan are proud of our state’s legacy and long-term relationship with motor vehicle manufacturing and automobile dealerships. Just as cars and trucks have transformed in design over the last century, the business of buying and selling motor vehicles has evolved. The laws are complex.

Acquiring, selling and operating a car dealership comes with multifaceted legal and regulatory issues. Specific tax, employment, financial, insurance, data privacy and land use laws and regulations apply to the buy/sale and operation of a dealership.   In addition, your dealer agreements impose very specific obligations on your business, employees and facilities.  I can help you navigate through issues with your manufacturer and advise you on your rights under your state dealer laws.

The regulations, laws and OEM requirements  can be overwhelming without the assistance of an attorney who has expertise in those areas. Compliance is critical and knowing which laws and regulations apply to your business is the first step in achieving compliance. Call my office for a consultation. I have more than two decades of experience facilitating purchases, mergers and acquisitions and sales of car dealerships throughout the United States.

Providing Legal Representation For Dealerships Throughout 

The United States For More Than Two Decades

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Automobile Dealership And Business Law

About My Practice

Let Me Help You With Business And Corporate Law Matters

The Great Lakes state is an amazing place for all types of businesses, not just all things auto. I can help you smooth the way to achieving your goals with your auto dealership or any other type of business.

Entrepreneurs and existing business owners stand to benefit from a business plan. A firm foundation can extend the life cycle of your business. Setting up or reevaluating the right type of business entity offers distinct tax benefits. If you are currently operating a sole proprietorship but want to explore the advantages of establishing a limited liability company (LLC) or an S-corporation, let’s talk.

I can help you protect your business with a full spectrum of services such as reviewing or drafting contracts, addressing compliance matters, employee or vendor concerns, data privacy, real estate and financing matters, and more.

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